And what you have heard… entrust to faithful men (and women), who will be able to teach others.
2 Timothy 2:2


What does it take to go beyond?

This is the question the LifeWork Book addresses. It has been written for those who want to go beyond from where they currently find themselves – to pursue bigger and better things in their business, career, daily work, relationships, faith-walk, and the setting of more daring and ambitious goals. While your journey is as unique as your fingerprint, God has provided us all a roadmap to excel in our work for those who choose to follow. The success factors outlined in this book are not theory, but biblically-based and time-tested to deliver the desired results for those whose goal is to go beyond. In sum, the book provides both knowledge and framework for action.

The resources found on this site all flow from the core teaching found in this book. Download the Leader’s Guide and LifeWork Map here and check out the Resources section for more tools. May you be one to read the book, apply its truths, and thus experience God’s blessings and its transformative powers!

“Every chapter left me with something to think about and apply to my own life.”
– Lucien, IT Consultant
“As a recent grad, I thought the LifeWork book would help get my career off to the right start, but its impact has extended to every part of my life.”
– Will, Nurse
“I have never been one to set and keep goals. That has all changed with the help of this book and its gaol-setting map!”
– Sheldon, Construction Manager
“Going Beyond in Life & Work is an inspiring book – its pages will nurture any reader’s soul! With an emphasis on action, Joe will help you to discover, go after, and fulfill God’s higher calling in your life.”
- Tom Heetderks, PhD “America’s #1 HR Coach”; author of Work Worth Doing
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The perfect tuning instrument for your day.

Everywhere in life, life itself is waiting to surprise you. Gateways to splendour, the friends you wish you had, the wealth, security, family, and adventure you desire. First you must believe it. Behind the darkness of many of your days, the dullness of work, the dragging yourself through drudgery, there’s a world full of colour and wonder, if only you’ll accept the invitation. If you do, you’ll find yourself being remade, under the specifications of the original design, by the original Designer, in a collaborative project.

“Come, follow me,” is the challenge – meaning, not me, Joe, but the one I’ve been following for quite some time now. And his command is: Be courageous.

“I’ve replaced my phone scrolling with the Expeditions book as part of my breakfast routine. I love to read a topic as daily inspiration for my day.”
- Rachel, Student
“When I’m facing business challenges, I’ve made it a practice to pick up Expeditions and see if there is an essay that aligns with my issue. It’s often been a helpful resource to refocus my thoughts towards a wise, godly perspective.”
– Dean, Business Owner
“Having participated in a LifeWork study group and read the Going Beyond book, Expeditions has been an effective tool to reinforce the core principles.”
- Andrew, Investment Advisor
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