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Entitlement: The Downside

This is how the dictionary defines entitled: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. If you are among those who believe…

The Power of Expectations

Positive expectations – Positive results Negative expectations – Negative results Yes, that’s the right title: I’m talking about the power of expectations for the successful…

Your Goodwill Account

We all know about bank accounts, and how life has a way of becoming stressful if they’re not in good shape. And we all know…

Team Building: The Way to Success

You may be wondering what a Grade 8 dropout could possibly provide by way of valuable team building advice when there are literally hundreds if…

How To Lose a Business

It took me nearly 40 years to build a business that eventually employed some 80 people, and a little less than three to lose it….

Mistakes as Lessons

No one escapes making mistakes. They’re just part of the human experience, right from infancy. We learn to walk by falling, and through many falls…

Your Third Eye

Like most other people, you are likely unaware that you have a third eye; but you do. And this eye is often the reason your…

Dealing with Discouragement

Discouragement is experienced by all of us who are pursuing a worthy objective, whether as a young child trying to master riding a bike, a…


With today’s fast and complex pace, it is more important than ever to think before you act. Drawing on his 80-plus years of experience as a husband, father, CEO, entrepreneur and Christian, author Joe Schuringa takes us on a compelling personal journey filled with wisdom and devotion, lending insight into how one can achieve the most fulfilling professional and personal life possible.

The book is enhanced with immersive content delivered in augmented reality, enabling the reader to personally hear from Joe and bring principles to life!



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