Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
Colossians 3:23

What Does It Take to… WIN?

Good question, don’t you think? It’s a question that has doubtless been asked by most people at one time or another, especially when running into seemingly insurmountable obstacles and unanticipated difficulties while striving to win at something that is important to them. It’s at times like that that we may well cry out, often in desperation, “What does it take to win?”

Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on the subject of winning and succeeding, so what can this little blog add to that? Maybe just a few simple pointers that may help you, especially if you’re struggling, to get back on track and continue to walk the road towards whatever “win” you are in pursuit of—whether it’s winning in your workplace, marriage, relationship, studies, business, freedom from addiction, or some other area.

I have found that winning begins with dissatisfaction: the dissatisfaction with what is. Out of this dissatisfaction comes a desire for change. This desire needs to be strong enough to trigger an action plan consisting of the steps you need to take to see the change realized. A desire that doesn’t trigger an action plan is just a wish, and will go nowhere.

Once you’ve formed an action plan in your mind, be sure to commit it to paper and bounce it off some folk you trust for their input and advice—and don’t forget to ask God for His wisdom and guidance in the matter. This step of committing your plan to paper is crucial, though unfortunately often neglected. Sure, there are a few people who do, by chance, achieve their goal using a plan strictly in their head; however, a written plan will do for you what the blueprint does for a builder. It is much more likely to succeed.

Next, imagine the difficulties you may have to deal with, and make a list of them. You may need the input of others to help you with this. Why should you identify difficulties ahead of time? So you can be prepared instead of blindsided when the inevitable difficulties arise.

Finally, make a decision to proceed and to stay the course despite challenges. Be sure to share this decision with everybody who counts in your life. Why? Because it’ll help you hang in when the difficulties and roadblocks start screaming “It won’t work, you’re in over your head, so give up!” You won’t want to admit failure to all those with whom you’ve shared your decision, those who matter to you; you won’t want to disappoint their hopes for you. Besides, if they know about your decision, they can encourage and support you. But if nobody knows what you were after anyway, it’s easier to quit.

If you take these simple steps and hang in there, winning is within your reach.

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.”          —Dennis Waitley

David continued to succeed in everything he did, for the Lord was with him.

 —1 Samuel 18:14

May it be so with you!

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