Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
Colossians 3:23

Your Third Eye

Like most other people, you are likely unaware that you have a third eye; but you do. And this eye is often the reason your promising ideas never get a chance to prove their worth. The third eye can be death to a great idea.

That’s because this eye tends to see trouble and difficulty ahead if your idea were to be implemented. It sees mountains where there are molehills, magnifying small difficulties so they show up on the screen of your mind as big problems that should be avoided at all costs.

Where is this third eye? It’s in your mind. It is one of Satan’s most effective tools to kill bold ideas and paralyze daring action. It’s not that your mind’s eye is by nature bad, of course; you need to be able to foresee difficulty so you can address it. I get to this below. But this third eye is easily hijacked by Satan to magnify the negative, like a shadow thrown on the wall by a flame. If not carefully monitored and controlled, your third eye will destroy your confidence. Soon this becomes a habit, and you shrivel up inside. No more big ideas.

Now, like I said, your mind’s eye is not a bad thing. This third eye is also the one that envisions the wonderful result of implementing your bold idea. That vision is what prompted you to consider acting on the idea in the first place. The third eye is also the one that works to imagine solutions to problems. So you don’t want to just shut it off. Denial is not the answer.

The answer is to acknowledge the negative and get it out of your mind where it keeps clouding the positive. One of the best ways to do this is to write it down. That’s right: transfer your third eye’s negative input to paper, a whiteboard, or whatever, so that it’s freed up to see the positive that was there all along, and to come up with solutions to problems. This act of fully recognizing and acknowledging the negative input and giving it a form in the material world is what clears it out of your third eye. It’s a sort of mind rinse.

The screen of your mind can only display one issue at a time. If it’s monopolized by the negative, the positive part of your imagination gets no screen time and can’t do its wonderful problem-solving work. The mind rinse frees it up to develop and troubleshoot the idea. Your mind can entertain a positive, winning vision instead of the negative, losing one.

So many people let the negative and the positive bounce back and forth in their minds, pro and con, to where they lose sleep, grow weary and stressed out. They never arrive at a decision that produces positive action; instead, they end up dropping the whole idea. If that’s you, it’s very sad. Any of these ideas may have been God’s call on your life, and Satan has hijacked your mind’s eye to squash it, all while persuading you that you’re just being a careful realist.

The Bible says, “You can’t heal a wound you deny you have.” The answer is not to ignore the negative input of your third eye, but to let it work on solving problems by getting them off your mental screen and down on paper. You can do this with God’s help. Acknowledge to him that your screen is full of negative images, write them down, and ask him for the creativity to imagine solutions to the problems. “With God we will gain the victory” (Psalm 60:12).

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