Dealing with Discouragement

children riding on a bicycles at gravel road in the park in summer

Discouragement is experienced by all of us who are pursuing a worthy objective, whether as a young child trying to master riding a bike, a student working towards a diploma, a man or woman striving to further their career, a business person competing in the marketplace, or a couple seeking happiness in their marriage. In… Continue reading Dealing with Discouragement

Input: A Sure Winner

If you’re wondering what will be a sure winner in advancing your career or business or anything else where expansion or improvement is your objective, here’s the answer: input. There’s just nothing better. You’ve no doubt heard the statement when it comes to computers: garbage in, garbage out. Some go on to say: nothing in,… Continue reading Input: A Sure Winner


Mt. Etna, Italy - July 5, 2016: Male Mountain climber walking alone i clear weather, on lava stones, going uphill towards the top crater of Mt. Etna Volcano.

It’s true, isn’t it, that success is desired by all. However, to achieve it in any endeavour, from marriage to a career, university degree, beautiful garden, or clean living accommodation, takes uphill effort. According to John Maxwell (a leading leadership trainer) the trouble with this struggle is that so many of us have high uphill hopes, but too… Continue reading Uphill