Team Building: The Way to Success

Entrepreneur with group of celebrating business partners in office with bright windows in background

You may be wondering what a Grade 8 dropout could possibly provide by way of valuable team building advice when there are literally hundreds if not thousands of books and articles written on the subject. With the foregoing in mind, and since I don’t hold a Harvard doctorate on the subject, I’ll stay away from… Continue reading Team Building: The Way to Success

Duty: The Foundation of Success

Though I’ve already written a blog called “The Beauty of Duty”, I’m writing this one exclusively focused on the workplace and one’s career or business. The word duty, the rare time it’s heard today, is mostly inadequately understood, and hardly ever applied to self. Give yourself 20 seconds to name at least five things you… Continue reading Duty: The Foundation of Success

One hundred percent responsible

Let me introduce you to the one hundred percenters: the folk who, when they see a situation that is not as it should be, take steps to correct it. Yes, there are folk like that! Maybe you are among this winning group yourself: you see something that needs doing, and you do it. Most winners… Continue reading One hundred percent responsible

How to Find Your Passion

Today we hear, or read—those of us who do read—that to be happy and productive in our jobs we have to “find our passion”. And if it’s not found in the job we have, then we are justified in continually changing jobs in search of it. In fact, such action is encouraged by experts in… Continue reading How to Find Your Passion

Passion: the Fuel of Success

A good question to ask when you’re pursuing success—whether in the workplace, your career or business, a relationship, your faith, or whatever—is: What role does passion play in achieving the success I am seeking? To answer this important question, let’s first define what passion is and what it looks like. Bob Gass, an evangelist, says… Continue reading Passion: the Fuel of Success


Here’s an alert for all those in pursuit of success in any area of life, be it career, business, education, or something personal like a relationship or marriage: prepare for setbacks! When setting out to see a dream realized, most of us give little thought to setbacks that may pop up along the way. But… Continue reading Setbacks

Metrics of Success

Dorothy Pang, CAO Cornerstone Community Church Dorothy has a heart for people and a mind for systems. Drawn by the mission of the church and God’s undeniable call, Dorothy wound down her law practice and joined the church in late 2011. She helped oversee the construction of the new facility and presently oversees the day-to-day… Continue reading Metrics of Success

What Does It Take to… WIN?

Good question, don’t you think? It’s a question that has doubtless been asked by most people at one time or another, especially when running into seemingly insurmountable obstacles and unanticipated difficulties while striving to win at something that is important to them. It’s at times like that that we may well cry out, often in… Continue reading What Does It Take to… WIN?

The Need to Add

Small Kitten Climbing up the Stairs

In order to achieve whatever worthy goal we are in pursuit of, and to avoid it slipping out of our grasp once we’ve achieved it, it’s essential to keep adding. Adding what, you ask? Effort, that’s what. The unfortunate tendency with many of us is that once we’ve reached our initial goal, we start coasting,… Continue reading The Need to Add


Mt. Etna, Italy - July 5, 2016: Male Mountain climber walking alone i clear weather, on lava stones, going uphill towards the top crater of Mt. Etna Volcano.

It’s true, isn’t it, that success is desired by all. However, to achieve it in any endeavour, from marriage to a career, university degree, beautiful garden, or clean living accommodation, takes uphill effort. According to John Maxwell (a leading leadership trainer) the trouble with this struggle is that so many of us have high uphill hopes, but too… Continue reading Uphill