Your Goodwill Account

We all know about bank accounts, and how life has a way of becoming stressful if they’re not in good shape. And we all know about charge accounts, which includes credit cards; most of us have more than one of those, and most of us also know we’d better not overload them if we want… Continue reading Your Goodwill Account

Team Building: The Way to Success

Entrepreneur with group of celebrating business partners in office with bright windows in background

You may be wondering what a Grade 8 dropout could possibly provide by way of valuable team building advice when there are literally hundreds if not thousands of books and articles written on the subject. With the foregoing in mind, and since I don’t hold a Harvard doctorate on the subject, I’ll stay away from… Continue reading Team Building: The Way to Success

One hundred percent responsible

Let me introduce you to the one hundred percenters: the folk who, when they see a situation that is not as it should be, take steps to correct it. Yes, there are folk like that! Maybe you are among this winning group yourself: you see something that needs doing, and you do it. Most winners… Continue reading One hundred percent responsible

What’s In It For Me?

When presented with a proposal, have you ever said, or found yourself thinking, “What’s in it for me?” I know I have. It’s a thought we like to keep secret, as it can come across as selfish, and who wants that? Especially if we’re Christians, selfishness is the last thing we want to convey. For… Continue reading What’s In It For Me?