The WINNING Attitude

Mid adult African American mom gestures in frustration while helping her son with his homework.

With so many different attitudes which is the one that leads to career and business success, as well as most other honorable achievement? The one I believe to be the most important success- producing one is often not a part of the initial planning and goal-setting process. This oversight I consider to be the primary… Continue reading The WINNING Attitude

One hundred percent responsible

Let me introduce you to the one hundred percenters: the folk who, when they see a situation that is not as it should be, take steps to correct it. Yes, there are folk like that! Maybe you are among this winning group yourself: you see something that needs doing, and you do it. Most winners… Continue reading One hundred percent responsible

The power of… ATTITUDE

A young boy dressed as a businessman raises his arm in success as his homemade box car is in first place. Both boys are wearing helmets and goggles.

One of the main success factors is attitude. Not only is attitude a vital component in any and all success one reaps it’s also a powerful contributor to most failures in our lives. In a recent article written by Rev Bob Gass I read the following “How many jobs do people lose every day because… Continue reading The power of… ATTITUDE

An Owner’s Attitude

There is such a thing as an attitude of ownership: an attitude of caring responsibility for property, for a business, or other resources, that typically characterizes the person who owns them. Noticing this, people often ask me which comes first: ownership, or the attitude of an owner? Do you develop the character and attitude of… Continue reading An Owner’s Attitude