How to Find Your Passion

Today we hear, or read—those of us who do read—that to be happy and productive in our jobs we have to “find our passion”. And if it’s not found in the job we have, then we are justified in continually changing jobs in search of it. In fact, such action is encouraged by experts in… Continue reading How to Find Your Passion

Job Satisfaction

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The title says it all, doesn’t it? Job satisfaction is something all of us in the workplace, wherever and whatever that may be, would like to experience every day. But for many of us that’s just not happening. And when we don’t have job satisfaction, many of us start thinking that to find it we… Continue reading Job Satisfaction


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I have found that few things compare with the deep satisfaction that comes from a job well done. I’ve also tasted the opposite: at the beginning of my work career I gave half-hearted effort to whatever job I had, and reaped nothing but dissatisfaction and unhappiness with circumstances and self. Listen to what Mohandas Gandhi… Continue reading Satisfaction

How to Gain Job Satisfaction

“I won’t put my heart into it until I get a job I like.” You may have heard this said, or perhaps even said it yourself. And if you’re a Christian, you’ll continue to pray for God to give you a job you really like so you can put your heart into it and show… Continue reading How to Gain Job Satisfaction