Conflict in the workplace

Very few people, other than perhaps the most belligerent among us, welcome conflict. Most people don’t like to clash with co-workers, family members, or anyone else, and some of us will even go to great lengths to avoid any and all relational friction. Often, people seek to avoid conflict by hearing no evil, seeing no… Continue reading Conflict in the workplace

How to Find Your Passion

Today we hear, or read—those of us who do read—that to be happy and productive in our jobs we have to “find our passion”. And if it’s not found in the job we have, then we are justified in continually changing jobs in search of it. In fact, such action is encouraged by experts in… Continue reading How to Find Your Passion

Metrics of Success

Dorothy Pang, CAO Cornerstone Community Church Dorothy has a heart for people and a mind for systems. Drawn by the mission of the church and God’s undeniable call, Dorothy wound down her law practice and joined the church in late 2011. She helped oversee the construction of the new facility and presently oversees the day-to-day… Continue reading Metrics of Success