Success Demands Change

Success demands growth, and growth of any kind involves change! And if there’s one thing the human being resists, being a creature of habit, it’s change. I am right in this; don’t you agree? No doubt you’ve heard it said and perhaps, at some time or other, have said it yourself: “I just can’t change.”… Continue reading Success Demands Change

The Ultimate Success Strategy

There seems to be a saying in Christian circles that goes something like this: when all else fails, try prayer. Kind of strange, isn’t it, that the most powerful discipline God’s given us—prayer—is all too often treated as a last resort. The only explanation I can think of is that deep down we Christians don’t… Continue reading The Ultimate Success Strategy

Success for the Day

Have you ever thought about what daily workplace success would look like, or what it would feel like? Imagine coming home day after day from your workplace with that wonderful inner glow that comes from knowing you’ve successfully achieved your goal! To experience this victory feeling on a daily basis, though, you have to first… Continue reading Success for the Day

No. 1 Law of Success: The Law of Goals

I of course knew even at age 16 (I’m now 84) that to succeed in anything one had to have a goal, and I sure had one. My goal was to become rich—in a hurry and without too much effort. It took many years in the University of Life (also known as the school of… Continue reading No. 1 Law of Success: The Law of Goals

The Laws of Success

In my nearly seventy years in the workplace, forty as sales trainer and CEO of my own business, I discovered that there are laws governing success. Before I share one of them with you, let me give you my definition of success: Success is the progressive realization of worthy, predetermined, God-honouring goals. When I talk to people about the… Continue reading The Laws of Success

Success Demands Choices

How much do your expectations of yourself – the standards you set for yourself –  have to do with your success or failure in the workplace, or life in general?  An awful lot! It’s been said that our expectations of self will impact and determine our present as well as future behaviour and accomplishments. If… Continue reading Success Demands Choices