Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.
Colossians 3:23


Don’t you agree that some words are just more meaningful than others? I think value is one of those words that are just loaded with meaning and that when applied to oneself have powerful impact. If, for instance, you were told by your employer, “Alice, you are of great value to our corporation,” how would it make you feel? Or suppose you overheard someone say of you, “Jim’s one of our most valued employees.” WOW!!! You’d be on cloud nine for at least a month if not longer, wouldn’t you?

What would it take to hear things like this said about you? Perhaps this will help answer that question: your value on the job is determined by the value you add to the job. In this statement, the emphasis is on the word add. In other words, it’s not enough merely to do the job assigned to you; the challenge is to see how you can do it better and/or more efficiently, exceeding minimum expectations.

This should come naturally to the Christian worker who understands God’s command that we are to work with all our power and commitment, as unto the Lord, and not merely to please a superior or avoid punishment. Do your work in that way, and you’ll hear the word value applied to you—first of all by Almighty God in His commendation, “Well done, faithful servant,” and then by others such as fellow workers and superiors. When they look at you and your work, they’ll recognize value, and express their respect and appreciation in multiple ways. Try it, and you’ll see and hear it.

To quote Jesus to those who followed Him: “You are the salt of the earth.”     —Matthew 5:13

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