The Downside to “I’ll Do My Best”

When I mention that the promise “I’ll do my best” is not necessarily a success producer, that in fact it’s often the opposite, people look at me in disbelief and pity. This isn’t too surprising, given that from childhood up we were taught that we must do our best, and were praised when we did… Continue reading The Downside to “I’ll Do My Best”


What role do you think trust plays in the workplace? How important is trust to the success of your own career and the success of your company? How would you define trust, and what does it look like in your life? Are you one of those—there seem to be quite a few of them—who trust… Continue reading Trust

The Workplace

Thank God for Monday morning! Most of us spend at least one third of our life in the workplace. What kind of a place is that for you? Is it a happy place, where you can say, “Thank God for Monday morning”? Or is it a place you dread going to, where the week drags… Continue reading The Workplace

Rights and Entitlements

Recently when I overheard some folk talk about their rights and the things they’re entitled to, it brought me back to when I was sixteen. I’m now eighty-four. Sixteen! can you think of a nicer age? It’s the age when you know everything. That naïve confidence allowed me to live in blissful ignorance for a… Continue reading Rights and Entitlements

Success Demands Choices

How much do your expectations of yourself – the standards you set for yourself –  have to do with your success or failure in the workplace, or life in general?  An awful lot! It’s been said that our expectations of self will impact and determine our present as well as future behaviour and accomplishments. If… Continue reading Success Demands Choices

Work a Burden or a Delight

If I were to ask, “Your work: is it a burden or a delight to you?” what would be your answer? My hope is that your answer would be “a delight”. But unfortunately, according to Forbes, some 40 percent of North Americans are unhappy at their jobs. For the first five years of my working… Continue reading Work a Burden or a Delight