The “Want” Trap

Like the lobster who foolishly enters the lobster trap to go for the bait is the “want” person who lets their “want this, want that” appetite rule their behaviour. Both have lost their freedom and will end up being food for someone: the lobster on the plate of a hungry diner, and the “want” person… Continue reading The “Want” Trap

Success for the Day

Have you ever thought about what daily workplace success would look like, or what it would feel like? Imagine coming home day after day from your workplace with that wonderful inner glow that comes from knowing you’ve successfully achieved your goal! To experience this victory feeling on a daily basis, though, you have to first… Continue reading Success for the Day

How to Gain Job Satisfaction

“I won’t put my heart into it until I get a job I like.” You may have heard this said, or perhaps even said it yourself. And if you’re a Christian, you’ll continue to pray for God to give you a job you really like so you can put your heart into it and show… Continue reading How to Gain Job Satisfaction

No. 1 Law of Success: The Law of Goals

I of course knew even at age 16 (I’m now 84) that to succeed in anything one had to have a goal, and I sure had one. My goal was to become rich—in a hurry and without too much effort. It took many years in the University of Life (also known as the school of… Continue reading No. 1 Law of Success: The Law of Goals

The Rise of Intimidation

When I read, hear, or see the news these days, I can’t help but be reminded of the McCarthy era (early 1950s) and the Nazi era (late 1930s to 1945). Each was a time when people who had the nerve to express disagreement with the fanatics in charge ran the risk of seeing their reputations… Continue reading The Rise of Intimidation

The Laws of Success

In my nearly seventy years in the workplace, forty as sales trainer and CEO of my own business, I discovered that there are laws governing success. Before I share one of them with you, let me give you my definition of success: Success is the progressive realization of worthy, predetermined, God-honouring goals. When I talk to people about the… Continue reading The Laws of Success

There is a Shortcut After All?

From my youth on I was told that there was no shortcut to any worthwhile goal, and that if it was to be achieved, it was up to me. For whatever I wanted to achieve and own, I had to work and groan—save, self-deny, and tighten my belt. In other words, I had to put… Continue reading There is a Shortcut After All?

The No-Effort Lifestyle

As I think back to my teen years—now some 70 years ago—I recognize that very little has changed in the lives of teens. I see that some of today’s teens dislike expending effort as much as I did 70 years ago: we want title, admiration, prestige, degrees, good jobs, adequate money, and so on, all… Continue reading The No-Effort Lifestyle

Negative Bias

Did you know that there’s just no room in a negative bias for positive data? A negative bias effectively undermines wholesome relationships and balanced decision making by distorting reality and resisting any corrective. The one with a negative bias will always go out of their way to legitimate the bias by automatically sifting out anything… Continue reading Negative Bias

Input Determines Output

It may be as much of a surprise to you as it was to me many years ago when I realized—‘discovered’ is perhaps a better way of putting it—that there are actual laws that govern success as well as failure. I’ve identified nine of these Laws of Success: obeying them helps to produce success, and ignoring… Continue reading Input Determines Output