How to Find Your Passion

Today we hear, or read—those of us who do read—that to be happy and productive in our jobs we have to “find our passion”. And if it’s not found in the job we have, then we are justified in continually changing jobs in search of it. In fact, such action is encouraged by experts in… Continue reading How to Find Your Passion


Entrepreneur with group of celebrating business partners in office with bright windows in background

As we amble through life, there are inevitably things that break down and need fixing. Most of us accept breakdowns, though unwelcome, as more or less normal when it comes to mechanical things such as cars, snowmobiles, computers and such. And we can call on a whole group of professional technicians to do the fixing—including… Continue reading Fixer


Just exactly what is potential? I’ve had a definition of potential for years: potential = not much darn good yet. Perhaps a better way of describing what potential –  something we all have to a lessor or greater extend – really is, is to see it as a gold or diamond mine you may know… Continue reading Potential

Passion: the Fuel of Success

A good question to ask when you’re pursuing success—whether in the workplace, your career or business, a relationship, your faith, or whatever—is: What role does passion play in achieving the success I am seeking? To answer this important question, let’s first define what passion is and what it looks like. Bob Gass, an evangelist, says… Continue reading Passion: the Fuel of Success


Here’s an alert for all those in pursuit of success in any area of life, be it career, business, education, or something personal like a relationship or marriage: prepare for setbacks! When setting out to see a dream realized, most of us give little thought to setbacks that may pop up along the way. But… Continue reading Setbacks

Standards: Essential to Success

Hey, Success Pursuer, here are a few questions for you: What standards for work and behaviour do you set for yourself when it comes to honesty, ethics, work, punctuality, dependability, productivity, etc.? Are these standards high enough? Do you live these standards, or are you one who says, “Do as I say, don’t do as… Continue reading Standards: Essential to Success


No one would argue that credibility is not vital to success in the business world, as well as in any other honourable pursuit of our lives. I say “honourable” because I imagine that in a dishonourable venture, credibility may not weigh very heavily. Success demands credibility, and credibility demands first of all that a person… Continue reading Credibility

Tests: Promotion and Leadership

here are many, many tests that must be passed in order to achieve success in the workplace, or success in general. This brief article will address specifically those tests that relate to the workplace: what some of them are and how they determine the career progress of all workers and businesses. Failure to pass these… Continue reading Tests: Promotion and Leadership

Being Steadfast

What role does steadfastness play in the success of any endeavour? To give you a full appreciation of its importance, let me provide some synonyms for the word “steadfast”: unwavering, unswerving, firm, committed, unfaltering… The list could go on. If you’re among the many who haven’t achieved the goal they were pursuing, it’s quite possible… Continue reading Being Steadfast

That’s Not My Job

Exhausted employee sleeping on his desk while his displeased boss is standing behind him.

How often have you heard someone say, “That’s not my job”, or “I’m not responsible for that”? Probably many times during the past year; maybe even many times over the past month. If this is the usual response of some or many of your co-workers—or your own response—to things that weren’t done when they should… Continue reading That’s Not My Job