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Important! Can be an often abused word and thus has lose much of its sting. . How so? It’s abused when we use it to get someone to do something immediate or in a hurry when in reality it did  not demand that kind of immediate action. Of  course, it’s important to do all work… Continue reading Important?

Input: A Sure Winner

If you’re wondering what will be a sure winner in advancing your career or business or anything else where expansion or improvement is your objective, here’s the answer: input. There’s just nothing better. You’ve no doubt heard the statement when it comes to computers: garbage in, garbage out. Some go on to say: nothing in,… Continue reading Input: A Sure Winner

Duty: The Foundation of Success

Though I’ve already written a blog called “The Beauty of Duty”, I’m writing this one exclusively focused on the workplace and one’s career or business. The word duty, the rare time it’s heard today, is mostly inadequately understood, and hardly ever applied to self. Give yourself 20 seconds to name at least five things you… Continue reading Duty: The Foundation of Success

Stop and Reflect

Manual worker using sander while working on a wood in carpentry workshop.

While in hot pursuit of career or business success, a person doesn’t often stop and reflect. In fact, you may wonder, why stop at all when things are going well? That is, if they are going well for you. But whether they are or not, stopping and reflecting periodically, while pursuing success in whatever worthy… Continue reading Stop and Reflect

Yield: The Relational Lubricant

traffic warning signs between glasgow edinburgh road highway in scotland UK england

The “yield” signs—as opposed to stop signs—at merging roads are a great idea, aren’t they? They help the flow of traffic without compromising road safety. The trouble begins when drivers refuse to yield, instead barging ahead demanding right of way when it is denied them for good reason at that particular time. The result of… Continue reading Yield: The Relational Lubricant

Slow going

Sometimes the progress in one’s career is slow going, slow enough to trigger thoughts of quitting and looking for opportunities elsewhere. And though changing one’s job is always an option—one which, after much careful thought and self-examination could be the right one—this is not always the case. It could be that from the frying pan,… Continue reading Slow going

One hundred percent responsible

Let me introduce you to the one hundred percenters: the folk who, when they see a situation that is not as it should be, take steps to correct it. Yes, there are folk like that! Maybe you are among this winning group yourself: you see something that needs doing, and you do it. Most winners… Continue reading One hundred percent responsible

Second Chance?

If you’re an employer or supervisor, what are you to do when one of your star performers is caught in one form or another of dishonesty, such as (at best) a lie, or (at worst) a theft? Yes, it can and does happen. This kind of occurrence may not present a problem to many, whose… Continue reading Second Chance?

Know when to let go

There’s a popular song by Kenny Rogers called “The Gambler”. It’s about two derelict gamblers riding a railway boxcar; one of the gamblers is giving the other some advice about what it takes to win at poker. He mentions that in a card game, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to… Continue reading Know when to let go

Conflict in the workplace

Very few people, other than perhaps the most belligerent among us, welcome conflict. Most people don’t like to clash with co-workers, family members, or anyone else, and some of us will even go to great lengths to avoid any and all relational friction. Often, people seek to avoid conflict by hearing no evil, seeing no… Continue reading Conflict in the workplace