Entitlement: The Downside

This is how the dictionary defines entitled: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. If you are among those who believe this about themselves, then you are also among those who will be facing great difficulty upon entering the real world, especially the workplace. Why? Because those in the grip of… Continue reading Entitlement: The Downside

The Power of Expectations

Positive expectations – Positive results Negative expectations – Negative results Yes, that’s the right title: I’m talking about the power of expectations for the successful achievement of any worthy goal you are pursuing. This power is extremely important, and often underrated. I’ve found that a person’s expectation level is a great success predictor for any… Continue reading The Power of Expectations

Your Goodwill Account

We all know about bank accounts, and how life has a way of becoming stressful if they’re not in good shape. And we all know about charge accounts, which includes credit cards; most of us have more than one of those, and most of us also know we’d better not overload them if we want… Continue reading Your Goodwill Account

Team Building: The Way to Success

Entrepreneur with group of celebrating business partners in office with bright windows in background

You may be wondering what a Grade 8 dropout could possibly provide by way of valuable team building advice when there are literally hundreds if not thousands of books and articles written on the subject. With the foregoing in mind, and since I don’t hold a Harvard doctorate on the subject, I’ll stay away from… Continue reading Team Building: The Way to Success

How To Lose a Business

Studio shot of a young businessman sitting with his hands covering his face against a dark background

It took me nearly 40 years to build a business that eventually employed some 80 people, and a little less than three to lose it. Let me share with you what I did that you should not do if you have a business. The year was 1962 when I quit a job I liked—I mean… Continue reading How To Lose a Business

Mistakes as Lessons

Small girl with messy hair and face baked a burnt cake while her mother is in shock.

No one escapes making mistakes. They’re just part of the human experience, right from infancy. We learn to walk by falling, and through many falls we learn how to avoid them. Skiing, skating, and bicycle riding are learned in a similar way. In all of these it was by recognizing our mistakes, and learning from… Continue reading Mistakes as Lessons

Your Third Eye

Side view of beautiful young female with closed eyes touching ajna chakra on forehead while doing yoga in gym

Like most other people, you are likely unaware that you have a third eye; but you do. And this eye is often the reason your promising ideas never get a chance to prove their worth. The third eye can be death to a great idea. That’s because this eye tends to see trouble and difficulty… Continue reading Your Third Eye

Dealing with Discouragement

children riding on a bicycles at gravel road in the park in summer

Discouragement is experienced by all of us who are pursuing a worthy objective, whether as a young child trying to master riding a bike, a student working towards a diploma, a man or woman striving to further their career, a business person competing in the marketplace, or a couple seeking happiness in their marriage. In… Continue reading Dealing with Discouragement

Habits: A Success Factor

All of us have habits that either undermine or contribute to success; usually, some of both. The undermining habits need to be broken and replaced with new and better ones—a task that many find difficult. A habit is a behaviour developed over time that you have learned to do without thinking, which is why it’s… Continue reading Habits: A Success Factor

The WINNING Attitude

Mid adult African American mom gestures in frustration while helping her son with his homework.

With so many different attitudes which is the one that leads to career and business success, as well as most other honorable achievement? The one I believe to be the most important success- producing one is often not a part of the initial planning and goal-setting process. This oversight I consider to be the primary… Continue reading The WINNING Attitude